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This vacation went so well - except for the last day.

The last day here is amazing. It's beautiful. A perfect day for the beach and playing. And on our way to getting ready, my husband collapses in pain. He thinks he's passing a stone, not that he's ever passed a stone before. I'm suspecting possible appendicitis. I decide to take him in. He decides that before he goes in, I better pack everything up, because they'll probably just ship him back home to our city, and I'd have to drive all the way back here, pack up, and then drive home... which is questionable as to whether or not we can do this all in one day.

I agree. I start packing up the cabin. In the meantime, Alex's little friend and her mom stop by to play. I tell them what's going on. I find out that they won't be coming back to the lake this summer, and I'm sad for Alex that we can't go play with them one last time. After they say goodbye, I realize I've forgotten to get their address/phone number to see if we can't hook up again next summer.

Halfway through the pack-up, his stone, or whatever it was, passes. I'm still not convinced he's in the clear, so we keep packing up, but this time with the two of us. The kids want to go down and play on the beach - I tell them they can, but not to go in the water (they're just a little bit older now that they actually listen - or at least if they don't, it's just shoes getting a bit wet rather than a complete immersion. They come back very upset because some fucktard has parked their powerboat on our beach.

This happens every year. It's so frustrating. One of the most annoying things about having a cabin next to the public beach, is the amazing number of people who choose to be oblivious to the fact that it's private property, and think it's a special boat-parking beach made especially for them.

8/10 it's just an ignorant mistake, and if we find the person they are very apologetic, and usually claim that they didn't even see the cabin, it's so nestled back into the woods, and it is a log cabin. 1/10 people saw the cabin, but thought it was deserted and that we wouldn't mind. 1/10 actually feel justified in parking there, and feel it's their God-given right. They then proceed to attempt to cite land title area to explain that we don't own up to the water. In fact, we own a certain number of meters past the high water mark, but that's a different issue.

The fact remains that parking their boat on our beach, or tying up their boat to one of our trees so that the boat is floating in front of our beach and the rope is stretching waist high across our beach, is an unbelievably dick-headed thing to do.
Tags: lake, sick, stupid people, vacation
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