Shar (sharya) wrote,

No more training wheels!

This weekend was Alex's year end dance recital. It was pretty cute - she was looking for me in the audience a good chunk of the time, and managed to wave when she saw me. Stephen watched the recital with rapt attention, and applauded enthusiastically through-out. I think we'll put him in dance next year.

Shortly after the dance recital, Alex was playing around on her bike, and we decided to take off the training wheels to try it out. Wouldn't you know it but she just took off! No balance issues at all - that was that!

It's still a bit hard for her to start and stop, but she's making great progress, and of course the more she's physically challenged, the more she wants to work to achieve the challenge.

We're still struggling with Stephen and his tantrums. I have to admit; I just don't understand him. At least when Alex tantrumed I had a good idea of what it was about, but with him, I just can't figure out what the problem is. This makes it hard to avoid the problem, or correct it mid-tantrum.

My new boss started today. I spent four hours this afternoon in her office, with another meeting scheduled tomorrow. I'm glad I sort of cleared my calendar.
Tags: alexandra, bicycle, dance, stephen, work
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