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Quick help request

Some idiot signed up for facebook using one of my email addresses.

Despite the fact that facebook indicates you have to confirm/validate your email address before an account will be created, and I did not confirm the email address, this chicky-doodle is using her account, getting massive numbers of friend and event requests, and giving me spam grief.

I tried to report it to facebook, but it appears they have no way of reporting this particular incident, since they proclaim that an account will not be created unless you validate the email address. Which I haven't done.

So. Options to consider:

1) Do a facebook password request on the account, get in and delete the account.
2) Go to the effort of trying to actually find her facebook account (which isn't currently searchable by my email address unfortunately), send her a message and give her X time to change her account details or I'll delete the account. This probably means I'd have to validate the account to find it.
3) Something else - suggest away.

I do not want to block facebook emails from coming to that email account, because I may just want to create a facebook account for that email address in the near future.


I did a facebook password reset to get into the account and look around. It was some stupid little teeny-bopper who had created the account with my email, realized her mistake and validated a different email but neglected to cancel the request to validate mine. Since mine was the initial email address with which the account was made, emails were going to that account... presumably as well as to her other account. I deleted the reference to mine, left hers, and changed her status to "I am an idiot who enters other people's email addresses as my facebook contact email. Be glad I only just changed the password and removed my own email address; I could have legitimately deleted your account."


Oct. 18th, 2010 10:00 pm (UTC)
It's so tempting. My only fear is that I might have to actually validate the account in order to get rid of it :/

So frustrated. I wish there was a way I could report it.

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