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Lake... so refreshing

Got back late yesterday from a long weekend at my mom's cabin. It was lovely... very restful. It's times like that when I wished I could take the summer off, and just enjoy it with the kids.

On a more serious note, I have to figure out what to do about the cabin's attic.

1) We found out we had a leak in the roof, so that's just lovely, it will have to be repaired.

2) We have a family of bats in there, and have had some for a couple of years. Except the family seems to have grown into a rather significant colony of a couple of hundred. Now we're pretty pro-bat here, but that many bats in my attic makes me a bit nervous that there could be some health concerns - and I mean health concerns in us staying at the cabin, not health concerns over going into the attic - we never go in (except for now that we have to repair the roof). I'm delighted that there's bats in there that will deter other things from living in there.

Saw some really nice bat houses online for a stupid amount of money. Don't really have that kind of cash lying around, so it looks like we'll have to try building some.

I think my cats would be in love with the bat house - it would provide them with hours of entertainment.

Will have to look into the bats thing a bit more. The more I read about them, the more I really want to get into bat conservation!



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Jul. 7th, 2010 03:59 pm (UTC)
Bat poop (guano) is toxic, breathing it in is badness big time.
Though they get rid of bugs they also attract other bugs that eat the poop. Not sure if it's too cold for roaches at the cabin but I"m sure there is some equivalent yucky critter that you don't want around.

Get the roof fixed, humanely scare em out, then seal em out and plant lovely home made bat houses everywhere.
They'll be fine and figure it out, you guys will be healthy and entertained.

Sucks that you gotta do it but the reward will be goodness.
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