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Stephen... the time is sure flying!

It's been a while since I did a decent post, and this one my not be decent, but it's going to be all about Stephen.

This last weekend, and the first part of this week we went to the lake. I was afraid at how the kids would do at the lake, but it turned out great. While we were there, Stephen started to do the cute scratching thing... the thing where he's feeling different textures with his hands, and checking out the sounds he can make when scratching different fabrics. Totally cool.

He's been grabbing at toys for a while now, but he's really starting to grab specific items. Like my nose if I don't notice he's going for it, or my cheeks. We have this little baby swing that has a fish mobile on top, and he's been going crazy over the fish. I finally took one dow today and gave it to him, and he thought it was just the best thing ever! He's getting cuter by the day, and I can't believe he's 5 months now.

The downside to the whole "taking him to the lake" thing, is that he got used to sleeping in a real bed next to me. We got back, and he doesn't want to sleep in the Moses basket anymore. Now granted, he's been too big for it for a while now, he was happy in there until he got spoiled in a big bed. Unfortunately, things aren't quite ready to move his crib into the office and move the office downstairs yet.

Tonight, in desperation of trying to get everyone some sleep, I put him in his crib which is still in Alex's room. This means that both he and Alex are asleep in the same room. He is an insanely light sleeper, and she is an amazingly heavy sleeper. It might work. Maybe. If I'm really really lucky.

Keep the fingers crossed for me!

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