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Alexandra's First Story

There are two parts for this post.

First of all, Alex's speech. Alex has been pretty slow for her speech to develop. Initially I was worried about how slow it seemed to be going, but her Godmother (who happens to be a speech language pathologist) assured me that she's within normal ranges, and as well, she seems to be developing in spurts and that her physical development seems to be the main focus right now.

Having said that, in the last couple of weeks, her language has really taken off to the point where I can now almost say that I can understand her more often than not. She's speaking in sentences even if I can't always understand what those sentences are. It's becoming a lot less frustrating for both her and I now that I'm starting to understand her.

Secondly, she has a soother. We missed the golden opportunity to wean her of the soother a few months before the baby was born, and now I think it would be cruel to do it. She won't understand why she can't have a soother and the baby can, so I'm going to wait a bit longer. I'm actually debating on taking it away at all to be honest... I'm an advocate of child-led weaning regarding breast-feeding, so I'm not sure why a soother ought to be any different... but I digress.

Alex is allowed to suck her soother at night times and nap times. During the day, she has to "put the soo-soo to bed". This means the soother goes under her pillow until nap time. Every once in a while, I catch her sneaking a suck in the middle of the day, but for the most part if it's not in sight, she doesn't think about it and doesn't want it.

Today I found her in the living room with the "soo-soo".

"Alex! What's soo-soo doing out of bed? You know it's time for soo-soo's to be in bed! Soo-soo is tired and needs to sleep."

"Mummy, soo-soo's cold. BRRRR!"

I just thought that was so awesome :)


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Jul. 10th, 2008 06:27 am (UTC)
I was always under the impression the soother weaning was so teeth formation wasn't impaired and some speech issues were prevented.
Jul. 10th, 2008 03:10 pm (UTC)
Hmm... well I guess in this case the speech thing won't be an issue, since she hasn't been allowed to have it during the day since she was one.

The teeth thing is what I was worried about, but I was assured that as long as she got rid of it by the time she went to school, it won't affect the formation of her adult teeth... so I'm thinking I'm just going to try and work on convincing her that she doesn't need it, as opposed to straight out taking it away from her.
Jul. 10th, 2008 04:46 pm (UTC)
What is amusing
I wasn't sure why I knew about the teeth and speech stuff so I googled it and your LJ post was at the bottom of the search results - first page. Pretty cool.

But several sources say it can impact baby teeth formation which guide the adult formation and speech stuff. I feel so knowledgeable now. :)

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