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Daycare Part II

I talked with my beloved daycare lady today a little more, and asked if her decision was final, or if the offer of more money might persuade her to change her mind. She chuckled a little bit and said no, the decision was made, but if she changed her mind, she'd let us know.

I probed a bit, and I got the following:

1) A strong feeling that she was just exhausted and needed a break. Possibly she took on too many kids this year.
2) A sense that her husband wasn't 100% supportive in her decision to retire.
3) A suspicion that they couldn't financially handle her not working for long, and she was going to have to eventually do something else.
4) Reassurance that she wants to keep in touch through scrapbooking if nothing else.
5) Confirmation that if she does go back to doing daycare, she would most certainly be raising her rates.
6) A sense of possibility that after she gets a much needed break and in addition finishes up some housing reno's that they've been putting off due to it upsetting the daycare, she might re-open.

Having said that, my family and friends have been quick to point out that this might not be a bad thing, because as much as we loved her, her situation wasn't necessarily ideal for our situation. Consider the following:

1) She catered to parents of teachers - daycare was open on days when school was in session and closed when school was out. This left me without daycare for the entire summer.
2) She liked to have the kids picked up at 4:30. While this was great for teachers, not so great for the 9-5 crowd. As it was, Jason and I had to request to have our hours adjusted to 8-4 to accomodate this. Let it be noted that I am not a morning person.
3) Normally a daycare that keeps school hours also tends to not be closed during school days unless it's for illness or special appointment, but in her case, an awful lot of special family events tended to happen in between school holidays. Again, this wasn't a huge hardship for us as we don't have kids in school anyway. If we did, this could be really difficult to deal with. Note that she didn't charge us for days that our children were not in her care.

Essentially what this means is that even though she was beyond awesome as a person and the environment was perfect, and we would and will pay more for her to continue to care for our children while we work, there will also be a little less stress in finding someone who has hours more consistant with ours. Because I'm on mat leave, we have the time to be a bit picky.

So. I'm not quite as devastated as last night... partially because I have a sneaking suspicion she might just call me in November asking if we'd still like her to babysit in the new year, and partially because I'm seeing things more clearly. Either way though, I'm still very very sad, although relieved that she wants to keep in touch. She has been there for my family when my own family let me down, and I don't want to let someone like that out of my life.

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