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Dad was admitted to hospital for assessment earlier last week. I might have posted about it; I don't remember. Overnight, he lost the ability to go up or down stairs.

His doctors have decided that it's the dexamethasone that's causing the problem, and he's being weaned off of it, and being told that his mobility and everything will probably return within 3 weeks. This is good news, although I admit I'm skeptical that this will solve all the problems.

His family doctor went to see him in the hospital and had a long talk with him. Dad had a scrape on his arm that didn't heal due to him being immuno-compromised, and as a result it absessed and there is now a hole to the bone. There is no current infection, but they feel this is the most dangerous thing he's got going on right now. If it gets infected, he will likely become septic very quickly they feel the chances of him perishing due to heart failure is high. His family doctor indicated that they (hospital staff) needed direction, and the possibility of a DNR was brought up. His family doctor also talked to him about making sure he knew he had the choice not to continue the chemo. Dad does not want to be ressucitated, but has not yet signed a DNR.

I feel like it's premature for him to be making DNR decisions... any decision he makes right now, is likely going to be based on how he's feeling right now. If he weans off the dex, and his mobility/strength returns as well as his quality of life (as the doctors have indicated), I suspect he might feel differently.


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Jun. 30th, 2007 09:32 pm (UTC)
Having been through similar with my Dad 13 years ago on the DNR issue, I sympathyse with your frustrations. How a patient feels when they're in the thick of it makes it hard for them to see recovery and hope. Keep pushing for the best care you can, and keep Dad as uplifted as possible.
Jul. 4th, 2007 05:50 am (UTC)
Thanks, I had a talk with Dad today and told him how I felt. It seems he hasn't signed it yet, and he indicated he might delay signing it for a little while yet.
Jul. 2nd, 2007 06:03 pm (UTC)
Sending you hugs, hon. I just don't know what else to say except for hang in there! A lot of tough decisions on your dad's behalf...
Jul. 4th, 2007 05:50 am (UTC)
Thanks girl <3
Jul. 5th, 2007 08:27 am (UTC)
fantastic thing you are doing

Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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