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Jul. 5th, 2006 01:27 pm (UTC)
Looks like it's going to take effort to generate a card of my own and I'm a bit short on time. Seems you've replaced your normal site with the LJ stuff, so I'll just post here.

My six week "vacation" just got two weeks longer. Back from the whirlwind tour of Spain, Ireland, Austria, Czech, and Germany, plus wandering NY and New England after my brother's wedding, ending up with 12,500 pictures. 11k of those were just from the four weeks in Europe, and (save for the long trip back from Gelsenkirchen) essentially no shooting in Germany outside of the games. I'm leaving for Berlin and Leipzig (again) this evening and coming back 19 June. This time I'll actually be able to do more than simply drive in and out on my way to Cup matches, so I should actually be able to get some pictures. No tickets this trip ... going to watch the matches Saturday and Sunday at the Fanne Mile in one or the other.

Still haven't decided if I'm going to send the Czech Winnie the Pooh (Medvídek Pú) paint set or keep it for my Piglet collection, but I've got a couple things from Germany that will be making their way to Canada today. I do stuff like this to my sister all the time, so you might want to learn a little German in the next couple of days ...

Anywho, hope this finds you well. One of these days, an "I'm bored" trip is going to finally get me to Mt. Rushmore, which basically puts me in your backyard. Might just have to stop by lol
Jul. 5th, 2006 01:31 pm (UTC)
Re: ~piffle~
I can't wait to hear about your adventures :)

You would be very welcome here if you happened to drop in for a visit ;)
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