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About Me

Who I Am
Well, I never know what to put here. Long story short, I’m a *edit* 20-something 30-something girl from Canada who enjoys taking pictures. I’ve done many things in my short life, many of which I’m even proud. I’ve been in the military, worked as a commissionaire, been an addictions counselor, and now I’m working in drug research.
***Edited Sept. 04, 2008 - I am also a wife and a mother of two.

The Photography
I became interested in photography about 3 years ago (the year 2000?) when I was forced to cull 18 rolls of film into one album. I didn’t have a clue where to start, or what made good photos good. Fortunately for me, my friend Michelle used to work for a professional photographer, and she was willing to teach me the tricks of the trade. My love of photography started there, and continues to grow. I eventually decided to take a class and that was the beginning of a very expensive hobby.

The Other Hobbies
To go along with my hobby of photography, I also decided to take up scrap booking and calligraphy. I’ve enjoyed both, and I have to say with all modesty, my albums are great – when I can keep up with making them ;)

Besides photography, scrap booking and calligraphy in my spare time, I also enjoy watching movies (anything that’s not a western and I don’t really like horror), playing board games/card games/logic puzzles (yes, you can usually find me on yahoo or pogo or games.com playing games), reading (I particularly like reading fantasy books), gabbing on the phone and going out with friends (usually for coffee or a meal). I like to dance (ballet, jazz and ballroom), listen to music (I’m very eclectic, I listen to quite the variety), and of course walking and just enjoying nature. I also enjoy computer games (many different kinds) and I usually have a few that I play on a regular basis, although the list constantly changes.

I started sharyamarie.com as a suggestion from friends and family, with the intention of displaying my photography. My intention was not to become a cam-girl, or anything like that. If anyone has any other questions about me, feel free to contact me and ask :)


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May. 22nd, 2006 08:54 pm (UTC)
Your realy an intresting person, see you also do ballroom.Cool!I also do.

Thanx for posting on my site.
Take care

May. 23rd, 2006 06:58 am (UTC)
Re: :)
I love ballroom! I'm liking your site too, take care :)
Mar. 16th, 2007 08:14 pm (UTC)
Glad to meet another photography enthusiast! Keep it up. It's such a rewarding hobby. ;)

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Aug. 17th, 2007 06:36 pm (UTC)
I completely understand you! I love digital photography and I can say that it is amazing! It is real passion!
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