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Canadian Jokes

I can appreciate a good joke, and I especially enjoy Canadian jokes. These include jokes that incorporate Canadian stereotypes, as well as jokes that poke fun at our American cousins ;) I've been collecting them for a while, and here are a few I thought I'd share. If you have any others you think I'd enjoy, please send them to me!

Canadian Tourism Questions - added 30/Dec/2003

Dumb American Tourists - added 30/Dec/2003

Saskatchewan License Plates - added 30/Dec/2003

Saskatchewan Farmer - added 30/Dec/2003

Only In Canada - added 14/Jan/2004

Canada To The Rescue - added 18/Jan/2004

Canadian Pride - added 18/Jan/2004

Creation of Canada - added 18/Jan/2004

National Temperature Conversion - added 18/Jan/2004

You know you've been in Sask. too long when... - added 18/Jan/2004

Canadian Palm Pilot - added 12/Feb/2004

A Canadian Apology - added 14/Feb/2004

Canadian Beer Run - added 14/Feb/2004

Canadian Birth Announcement - added 14/Feb/2004

Canadian Condoms - added 14/Feb/2004

Canadian Lighthouse vs. USS Missouri - added 14/Feb/2004

Fly in the Beer - added 14/Feb/2004

Newfie Scarecrow - added 14/Feb/2004

Outsmarting the American - added 14/Feb/2004

Top Ten Reasons to Live In... - added 14/Feb/2004

Halifax Beer Cooler - added 13/Mar/2004

Sasktachewan Road Rules - added 13/Mar/2004

The Sport of Drunk Driving In Newfoundland - added 13/Mar/2004

Top 30 Things You Will Never Hear A Saskatchewan Boy Say - added 13/Mar/2004

The Poetry Contest - added 23/Jan/2007

Two Guys From Saskatchewan - added 12/Jan/2008

A Winter Statistic - added 12/Jan/2008

All of these jokes have been sent to me via email. If anyone knows their author/creator, please tell me, I would be glad to link them and give them credit!

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