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Lj Comments Poll - I'm curious!

Poll #464699 LiveJournal Comments

Who do you allow to comment in your personal lj by default?

Anyone can comment, even anonymous can comment.
Only registered users can comment (i.e. only those who have an lj account)
Only people I have listed as friends can comment on my entries. (If you choose this option, please leave an explanation as to why in the comments - I'm seroiusly curious)

Do you get your comments emailed to you?

Yes, of course I do! That way I can read each one without having to go back, and I can pick up late comments easily!
No, never. (If you choose this answer, a comment of why you don't have them emailed would be helpful!)

Comments welcome and encouraged :D


Mar. 30th, 2005 06:56 pm (UTC)
When I first started my journal it was to start writing things and to maybe form a discussion with people. One of my rules is that anyone can comment and I won't delete comments. Another is that anything I don't want the world to read I mark private. The few entries of mine that are friends only are usually stuff that I wouldn't want the casual reader to see but don't mind those on my list reading.

So far I've not been involved in a LJ brouhaha but I suspect that is because of how I use the service. The truth is I don't comment a lot and therefore my "Friend Of" list is rather tame. At a glance you have posted over 7 times more comments than I have over a similar period of time. When interacting with so many different people it is far easier to have conflicts erupt. All that to say I've never needed to go "Friends Only" or anything similar.
Mar. 30th, 2005 10:05 pm (UTC)
I'm a bit of a comment hog and pretty yappy to boot, so the large number of comments isn't too surprising to me :P

I've never really considered my journal friends only, because I pick and choose how to mark each individual entry, and like you tend to post entries that are friends only that I wouldn't want the casual reader to see but don't mind those on my list reading. Of course having said that, I look back at my lj and see that the majority of my posts are friends only. Oops. :P

I like the idea of the journal being an open forum place. It's kind of interesting.

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