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From skaloop... and only because it's mindless... (brain is still on vacation)

List everything that's on your computer desk! I know we all have messy desks, but try to get everything. You can tell a lot about a person from their clutter.

1)Three-tiered tray, with each tier about 2 inches thick with incoming, pending, and outgoing crap mail.

2) One document sorter that is half full of a) empty folders ready to be used and b) micellaneous "good-to-know" pieces of paper that I constantly need to refer to, and are within reach.

3) A business card holder.

4) A Pen/Pencil/Marker holder - half full.

5) 3 elastics

6) 2 binder clips

7) 3 paperclips

8) One pad of one inch post-its

9) One sticky pile of "Sign Here" stickies.

10)One "to do" list pad

11)One memo pad

12)One glass

13) Three coffee mugs

14) One bottle of Nivea Hand Cream

15) One mouse, mousepad, keyboard, and monitor

16) One phone

17) One address book

18) One box of kleenex

19) 5 floppy disks

20) 2 forks

21) One stapler

22) One bottle of extra-strength ibuprofen

23) One water bottle

24) One phone call log book

25) 13 seperate and equally messy, piles of documents, each relating to a different study.

26) One paper-clip dispenser.

27) One pad of 3 inch post its.


Mar. 4th, 2005 09:08 pm (UTC)
1) shitload of truckers time sheets
2) black pen
3) red pen
4) staple remover thingy
5) picture of moo and I at the xmas party
6) container of normal paper clips
7) container of coloured paper clips which I covet
8) postits
9) walky talky to communicate with the guys in the warehouse
10) my customs cleared stamp
11) my entered stamp
12) green way bill notes for container pick ups
13) white way bill notes for LCL pick ups
14) computer, speakers mouse, pad, etc etc
15) phone
16) way bill for my Toronto trailer
17) rack of new files coming in next week
18) in basket
19) filing seperater full of shit to file
20) battery recharger
21) calculater (i never use this and always use the one in my puter)
22) stapler
23) green coffee cup
24) miscellaneous file folders scattered about
25) my smokes
26) two packets of mcdonalds hot sauce
27) two chocklit chip cookies
28) lip gloss

That is all and it is more than enough.
Wot fun. :D

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