Ze house

We got our Energy bill for natural gas used. This will be the first one we've received since we've moved, where we have occupied the house the entire time (the last one accounted for part of the time where the house was empty).

The amount is 3x what it was at our old place during the same month. The new place is not 3x bigger - it is exactly 445 square feet larger, and it has not been that much colder than previous December/January's.

Tonight's purchase will be insulation, for the insufficiently (and inappropriately) insulated basement, the non-insulated garage, and the insufficiently insulated roof.

I'm certainly glad we purchased the project-free house - the house that we were considering that had multiple foreseeable projects clearly would have been too much for us!
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I just realized I haven't posted in my lj since April. There has been so much going on, and I haven't written about it. I need to get caught up. I miss my friends. I miss sorting out the thoughts in my head.

This is my mission. I need to return.


Wednesday night as I got ready for bed and I lay down with my daughter to help her fall asleep, I started to feel my ear fill up with fluid. I had been having problems with my sinuses the previous week and they had finally been starting to drain.




In a matter of hours the ear was completely plugged and started to be extremely painful. I didn't fall asleep until 5 a.m.. I called in sick the next morning just so that I could get a bit of shut eye and when I woke up my ears started to ooze fluid. I went to the doctor and found I had a double ear infection and one ruptured eardrum.




I was put on antibiotics. This morning I woke up and the other ear started to ooze fluids.  I figured I ruptured the second eardrum. This week just keeps getting better and better.



Draft Letter to my GP

You know I think you're awesome, and you've been my doctor since I was a teenager, but I have to say I'm pretty unimpressed with your clinic policy.

The policy that prevents patients from making appointments with any other doctor in that clinic without written permission from their own GP, is not very patient-centred. Really, since I'm a current patient of the clinic and you're away on holidays, I don't think I should have to come to the walk-in clinic and wait 2+ hours to be seen. Doctors are not the only people who value their time. I think I should be able to make an appointment with someone else who's available.

As awesome as you've been, this is time #3 that I have needed help, and have felt like your clinic let me down.

It might be time for us to say our goodbyes and for me to find a new GP and physician for my family - not at your clinic.

Thanks for the last 20 years.

You know what drives me a little bit nuts?

You know what drives me a little bit nuts?
When you are asking someone in authority a question, and they answer you with an answer that doesn't actually provide any clarification whatsoever. But yet they are done talking about it. As in, "Go away little girl, I've answered your silly little question, now be gone and stop bothering me".

This shows up a couple of times a year, however today, I was graced with this kind of answer twice, from two different people about completely different things.

For one of these, I picked the answer I liked best and ran with it.

I'm sure I'll pay for that later.
Me-working, Me-busy

I'm trying the new friends page... what do you guys think?

I know there's always a knee-jerk reaction to any changes that lj makes, but aside from being sorry that I'm not seeing things in my own personal style that I created, I'm not hating this.

What do you all think?

(ETA: To toggle back and forth between new and old design, go to your Friends page, then at the top, there should be a link to "Switch to the new". It's also mentioned here.)
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Confession Time

I have a problem. I confess. I know it's not normal. I know it's not ok. I just can't seem to help myself.

I have been calling and asking another department on campus to put me on hold, because I love their on hold music.

I don't know what the song's called, nor who it's by, and I can't find it anywhere.

It's some synthesizer-y music from the early 80's. There's no voice - only instrumental. It's got those claps with echos... (total 80's) I have no clue how to describe the song. Only that it's got to be from the early 80's (possibly late 70's). It's common "on hold" music.

No one in the department, knows where the music is saved. It's this mystery in the department. They didn't even know they had music when they put people on hold until I mentioned it and asked what it was. Shazam even failed me.

I have to find this music.

Found it, thanks to 2kidsdad and Cinco (in a 70 comment conversation on my facebook!)
and downloadable here:

Title: Opus Number 1

Authors: Darrick A. Deel and Tim Carleton

In the comments over here,

Darrick Deel mentions:
This was not a proprietary mix made by Cisco. It was licensed to Cisco for non-exclusive use in their CallManager product. Tim composed this song and is who performed it for this recording. I helped him record it one day in his garage. This recording is actually from the late Eighties.

I had the opportunity to submit the song to the guy compiling the music on hold CD and he included it in our upcoming product. The Synths used to record the song had very favorable acoustic qualities when transmitted over VoIP with a G.711 encoding. As a result Tim’s Opus No. 1 became the default hold music on Cisco’s product.

The original version has a nice stereo effect on the clapping and a real breathiness and richness in the Synths. There have been a number of people over the years that have tracked me down due to this music. It is always exciting for us to find more people that like the music enough to track it down after an encounter with it while on Hold. Tim and I will discuss the options for making this available and post back here.

I am sick

I stayed home yesterday, had a fever that would not go down, and pretty much slept all day. Today, while I feel better and I am not as tired and the fever is now responding to meds, I see pus in the back of my throat.

I know that I should get myself to the clinic to get some antibiotics, but man oh man I do not want to move.